How it all works

How it all works


We have refined our process over time and believe it facilitates creativity and delivers outstanding results on time, every time.



  1. Conceptual Stage & Data Gathering

  2. 3D Modeling & Context Creation

  3. Model View Selection

  4. 1st Draft with Materials

  5. 2nd Draft Further Developed

  6. 3rd & Final Draft For Approval

  7. Final Render

  8. Post-Production


Q : What if I only have sketches ?

A: We can work off of pretty much anything you have, preliminary sketches, inspiration photos or detailed RVT models. Once we understand the concept of the Architecture or Interior space, we can take it from there.

Q : How long will this take ?

A: From the date we receive all necessary files ( drawings, sketches, etc. ) and a payment to start, you will see a first draft within 2-3 days, and finals typically within 1-2 weeks.

Q : What if I don’t have photos of the site ?

A: We have in house Photographers and Videographers that shoot our projects from multiple vantage points to ensure the context is included in the Rendering. We also prefer to shoot the context of each site to enhance the quality of the final render, if its within the projects budget.

Q : Can you do it for less ?

A: We set our fees based on how much time each project takes, and yes, we have to make money to live, eat and our bills. If you plan on spending over $3,000 a month with us, we would be happy to provide a discount.