Waste Oil Solutions

We were commissioned to design a 7,500 sq.ft. space for an Oil Company on Long Island. The existing building envelope was to be preserved and the interior was to get a complete renovation and new layout to accommodate the new program.

The owner has a fleet of oil trucks and a fleet of exotic cars that he wanted to provide space for within the building to protect and showcase his investments. The concept was to provide an organization of 3 spaces. A private space that contained the owners exotic vehicles and personal office, a public office where employees would collaborate and customers could visit, and a semi public space for a workshop and indoor truck storage. The corporate identity of Waste Oil Solutions was developed with the furniture selection and material selection to produce a cohesive corporate design. We were responsible for filing all Architectural drawings and permit applications required for construction. The renovation was complete in 2011.

Services: Design, Interior Design, 3D Renderings

Credits: Static Interactive, Programming; End Communications, Writing

Recognition: Architectural Drawings & permit applications for construction. Renovation completed in 2011.