3D Renderings

Private Residence VI

We were contacted by an Architecture firm in NYC to produce photoreal renderings for a modern beach house in NJ. The ground floor is open and transparent containing all of the public spaces for entertaining and also to boast vantage point views to the Atlantic. The southern facade on the second is transparent to allow for water views and the northern facade is mostly opaque with moveable scrim walls to create privacy for the bedrooms above.

The task was to develop the exterior and interior in 3D for photoreal renderings for presentation to client. We worked closely with the Architect to further develop the design, as it was still in the early Schematic Design stage. In this particular project it was important to develop the interior as much as the exterior since the transparent skin allowed for clear views
into the first and second floor spaces.

Services: Exterior Renderings, Material Study.

Credits: Static Interactive, Programming; End Communications, Writing

Recognition: Used for client presentation