3D Renderings

31 West

31 West is an office building in NYC that was in need of a modern renovation. The idea was to take the traditional skin of the building and develop a modern glass door assembly to showcase the new interior lobby. The lobby and door assembly were designed by the Architect and we were brought on board to develop the material selection and lighting to present to the client. Once the final renderings were produced, we then developed large format ads that were printed and displayed in the front windows of the space for shoppers to inquire about the new space available for lease.

In the end, we had developed signage with the Architect for 31 West, and had designed the print for marketing the property.

Services: Exterior Renderings, Interior Renderings, Material Study, Signage Design, Real Estate Marketing, Print Design

Credits: Site Photography ; Kerry Pieri

Recognition: Property Marketed & Offered with Gotham Realty, Renderings Featured on NotCot.org.